Keeping simplicity in mind PrivateInsta is one such tool, designed for people even with least knowledge of tools.

Although PrivateInsta is not related to Instagram services the company has principles which make them to follow rules and regulations posed by Instagram services. As there could be things which you don’t want anyone to see, except your near ones, and if this is the case you can go for instagram services rather than for any other social networking sites. Today we also have advanced tools which can help to see these photos and videos on instagram even if you have been blocked. Although you may find something wrong with it, but to your knowledge this is perfectly legal, and right and strict procedures are followed to avoid any misuse of these services.

With private instagram viewer you can make your independent profile accounts and they do follow strict rules to manage your privacy. Before you start using the tool, you need to complete a short survey it is mandatory and very important step taken by PrivateInsta firm, to ensure the data is not misused by any users. A new page appears once you completely fill the survey, containing the desired results which you are looking for. Since it’s a new tool due to natural tendency you might have a fear whether to use it or not, because people doesn’t believe things until they become popular enough, but don’t worry about using PrivateInsta tool as it is completely save for use.
You may visit their official website for more details.